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  • ZC402 with the plunger 

  • ZC101 press ball head p

  • ZC201 spring plunger

  • ZC501 simple knob plung

  • ZC407 flange mounted ty

  • ZC403 six hexagon bolt 

  • ZC103 slotted the ball 

  • ZC504 no knob knob plun

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  Dongguan Zhengchen Hardware Co., Ltd is located in the town of Changan China manufacturing towns - Dongguan City, Guangdong province. It is a collection of various kinds of automation Chen hardware spare parts production and sales, products: steel ball roller, ball screw, ball plungers, positioning universal roller, various positioning plunger and a series of roller conveyor assembly. Dongguan Zhengchen Hardware Co., Ltd. since its establishment in 2002 ...

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Contact Person:Linfeng Guo
Tel:0769-85303229 / 85359029
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